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Goodnight tumblr

(based on Goodnight Moon written by Margaret Wise Brown & illustrated by Clement Hurd)

Goodnight blue box Goodnight silver fox
Goodnight Erebor and Goodnight petit four[x]

Goodnight red pants and Goodnight verbose rants
Goodnight lonely post and Goodnight serene coast

Goodnight British heartthrob[x] Goodnight fingernail art job[x]
Goodnight anon request and Goodnight Bechdel test

Goodnight designer suits[x] Goodnight leather thigh boots[x]
Goodnight Nerdfighter and Goodnight fanfic writer

Goodnight Chevy Impala and Goodnight gods of Valhalla
Goodnight cute creature and Goodnight tolerance teacher

Goodnight rocky cliffs and Goodnight hilarious gifs
Goodnight fandom teas[x] and Goodnight OTPs

Goodnight dash and Goodnight queue
Goodnight many points of view
And Goodnight to my followers, too

Goodnight screen Goodnight scroll
Goodnight tumblr as a whole


I made a thing. Because clearly it was not enough to badly parody a children’s classic, I needed to create the visuals to go with it. It would be much cooler more cohesive less utterly ridiculous if I could illustrate, but those stick figures are the best you’re going to get from me.

I could claim that I made this as part of learning how to use Photoshop, but honestly, I would have come up with a much more practical project than this.

Also, I have no idea what tags to use for this post. TAG ALL THE THINGS

In this little part of the world, it is time for me to go to bed. So goodnight tumblr and I will see you tomorrow.

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